Post Vasectomy Instructions

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Today’s operation does not immediately protect you from getting a woman pregnant.

Continue to use some other method of birth control until you have had your semen analyzed ONCE (after 20 ejaculates, or approximately 10 weeks after the no-scalpel vasectomy) and have been told that it contains no sperm each time.

If you have pain or discomfort immediately after the vasectomy, taking extra-strength Tylenol every 4 hours should suffice. Also, you should aggressively ice your scrotum (30 minutes on/30 minutes off) for the first day-and-a-half after the vasectomy (no need to replenish during your sleep). Frozen vegetable bags (i.e. peas) are a good alternative to crushed ice because they conform to the groin area and you can cycle the two bags as one starts to thaw.

Try and limit your activity for the first 48 hours after the vasectomy. Avoid any heavy lifting, pushing or straining. Try and focus on taking it easy, using the ice as mentioned in #2, and just delegating responsibility to others for those hours.

You can take the dressing off the following day. No need to apply any more ointment or replace the dressing. Be aware that the dressing should not accumulate any blood spots larger than a dime; please contact our office immediately if you see any blood staining the dressing larger than a dime-sized spot. You may shower 48 hours after the vasectomy.

Some black and blue (bruising) may appear at the scrotal opening for the no-scalpel vasectomy. Generally this is not worrisome, but please call if you are concerned about any progression.

Wear supportive underwear or a jock strap only as long as you seem to need it for comfort.
Sexual activity and other athletic events may be resumed 7 days after the vasectomy. Use some good sense in “easing back” into these events.

Ejaculations help to clear the reproductive system of sperm. Generally a total of 20 ejaculates will be necessary to evacuate all sperm from your system. We expect you to take an average of 10 weeks to accomplish that number of ejaculates (approximately 2/week).

Remember, a physician from Central Arizona Urologists, Phoenix, Arizona is on call 24 hours a day to address any concerns you might have following your no-scalpel vasectomy. Call 602-242-1556

Click here for a Printable Version (.pdf format)