Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual problems are more common than most people think. Over half of all couples will experience some form of sexual dysfunction during their lifetime. Such problems may lead to a decrease in self-confidence, anxiety, and generally less pleasure in life. A satisfactory relationship with one’s partner may also be threatened.

Central Arizona Urologists can help patients who experience such difficulties as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection (impotence), orgasm problems, premature ejaculation, and loss of interest in sex. We offer a confidential assessment that will determine the cause for the problem and offer a treatment to correct it. For men, research now shows that the majority of all sexual problems are physically related, with pure psychological sexual dysfunction being rare. Thus, before treatment can begin, a careful assessment is needed.

For men with erectile dysfunction, Central Arizona Urologists will evaluate the patient in one to two sessions. On a first appointment a comprehensive history and physical examination occurs along with possible blood tests. Depending upon the conclusions of that visit, diagnostic studies may be indicated or a trial of medical therapy may be instituted. Diagnostic studies generally are directed at assessing the vascular integrity to the erectile mechanism. In our office, we can use small doses of muscle relaxant medications (vasodilators) injected into the penis to assess penile arousability and blood flow.

Our urologists offer a full range of treatment strategies after completion of patient evaluation. The form of treatment recommended, such as medication (Viagra), penile injections (Prostaglandin E1/Caverject), vacuum devices, or surgery depending on each patient’s individual needs.

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