No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy: Afghanistan to Arizona

Central Arizona Urologists has been at the forefront of innovative vasectomy techniques. Dr. James Fishman joined the practice in 1993 and brought the No-scalpel vasectomy technique learned in his residency. Dr. Fishman was also the first Arizona urologist to acquire the Madajet injector for use in the No needle No scalpel vasectomy technique. Dr. Fishman has performed well over 6000 vasectomies in his career.

It is no surprise then that a recent email came to our practice from Afghanistan where a contract military worker inquired about the No needle No scalpel vasectomy. His Internet search had concluded that Central Arizona Urologists was the urologic practice to have this surgery performed. He had a very narrow window of opportunity to travel home to Arizona and have this procedure performed before returning to serve his Country abroad.

The surgery took place in our Phoenix office without a problem and the patient has since returned overseas ready to resume his duties. He was very pleased with the entire experience.

No needle No scalpel vasectomy is a minimally invasive vasectomy procedure available at both of Dr. Fishman’s offices in Metropolitan Phoenix.